Multidivision communication – consumer electronics manufacturer


The client required a comprehensive communication services on a global scale as well as local markets support. 

The company’s portfolio consists of variety of products and solutions dedicated to both B2C and B2B clients from different sectors. Extensive number of product lines, new product launches, diversified audiences, business and communication goals plus the importance of corporate brand maintenance created a unique and highly demanding communication environment.


Ensuring a global and local coherent communication support for all divisions and product lines.

The team delivered an extensive scope of work including:

  • Global communication strategy planning support.
  • Comprehensive communication support for all product divisions including long term strategies as well as ongoing product launches and ad hoc projects.
  • Events organisation and supervision.
  • Issues management, pre-crisis and crisis communication.
  • Comprehensive communication solutions development for diversified B2C and B2B.
  • Ongoing multichannel media monitoring and reporting.

The service included involvement in the global co-ordination team.


Coherent, well-organised communication processes and planning on both global and local level.

As a result of the completed work, the global and local communication structures were created, which allowed to maintain well organised and coherent communication planning, strategy execution, monitoring and reporting.