Brand positioning & public affairs support – energy provider


The client’s intention was to improve the existing external communication as well as to create a new approach to the public dialogue on energy.

The energy market is one of the most demanding sectors facing a number of issues related to the local needs, diversified interests of the market players, possibilities, policies and EU requirements.


Creation of an initiative dedicated to the idea of the energy sector modernisation in rural areas, on local and pan-European level, promoting access to sustainable and low-emission energy sources.

The team implemented a project, covering an extensive scope of work including:

  • Revision of the client’s communication activities and plans with the diagnosis of its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Creation of a local interpretation and implementation of the European initiative, which included building a local energy forum initiative and involving important local players and authorities.
  • Maintaining and moderating the activities of the forum.
  • Creation and implementation of a national contest dedicated to sustainable and low-emission energy sources promotion.

Ensuring media relations, media and legislative monitoring, ongoing reporting and programme adjustments.


The project supported the client’s market positioning as well as its local and European market voice and market share.

The pan-European initiative helped to create an extensive dialogue on the local and European level, it helped to position the client as an initiator and an important energy market player.