Restructuring process for a retail chain


Extensive restructuring process including ownership change, shops chain optimisation and HR restructuring processes.

The client faced the multilevel, complex restructuring process connected with the ownership change. It required professional support in internal processes planning, communication strategy building and its rollout as well as ongoing communication issues management.


Ensure a transparent, secure and smooth communication process internally and externally.

Within a couple of months the team implemented a project, covering such activities as:

  • Review of an existing organizational structure with a diagnosis of its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Review of current internal and external communication processes and critical areas identification.
  • Issue and crisis communication management strategy, manuals preparation and ongoing implementation support.
  • Participation in and co-management of the internal and external communication process on behalf of the client and the new owner.
  • Media & market monitoring

Recommendation for further communication activities, post process communication support and strategy verification.


Restructuring process completed, internal and external image secured.

The restructuring process was implemented according to the requirements of both the client and its new owner.  The internal communication plan and HR processes were executed timely and in line with the agreed guidelines. The external communication support ensured the transparent and positive/neutral reception by media.