Multinational conglomerate corporation – brand positioning campaign


The client’s intention was to find the way to promote its brand using unique and universal umbrella covering broad range of products’ portfolio and underlining DNA of the brand.

The variety of products and industries covered by client’s portfolio made it difficult to sucessfully communicate the brand as the whole.  The company looked for an idea, which would help them to leverage its unique qualities and broad range of experience.


Creation of a central idea, its communication strategy planning and execution.

Within ca. one year the team developed and executed a project which consisted of:

  • Extensive audit of the existing brand positioning and communication activities of the client as well as market analysis.
  • Creation of the central creative idea for the brand accompanied by multilevel communication strategy including internal and external communication planning.
  • Implementation of the approved communication strategy including the creation of a campaign online communication hub, a dedicated survey and a report publishing, as well as extensive media and stakeholders relations.
  • Ongoing monitoring and necessary adjustments during execution of the project.

The external support was used for the creation of a campaign website and for caring out the survey.


The campaign was marked as creative and successful on the international level, it was also recognised by Responsible Business Forum.

As a result of the completed work, the project was recognised as successful not only locally, but also on the international level.  The KPIs of the campaign were exceeded. The company gained a new, coherent and relevant brand positioning.