Integrated territorial investment feasibility study for the region


The creation of Integrated Territorial Investment plan for core cities and surrounding cities plus a few sectoral strategies of the cities’ development.

Ca half a million citizens’ functional area of two core cities plus surrounding cities asked for the preparation of ITI plan and a few sectoral strategies. The project concept was new at that time on the European scale. It required revision and coordination of a set of local strategies and investment plans that had not been coordinated previously. The project of such a scale and high level of complicity caused not only some business issues to arise but also political ones.


In-depth analytics based on consultations and complexity project advanced in its coordination.

Within a couple of months the team implemented a project including:

  • Identification of “as is” basis for further project development – for a set of administrative bodies, two core cities and surrounding cities.
  • Legal and functional constraints.
  • Diagnosis of investment needs for core and non-core areas.
  • Strategic planning documents showing the basis for interconnected investments from infrastructure area.
  • Other sectoral strategic documents for education, environment and revitalisation, healthcare and cultural areas.
  • Detailed investment plans set up plus an organisational, legal, financial basis for their  implementation and monitoring.

A few subject matter experts were hired to support the core team in the external competences.

The internal competencies consisted of business, financial and legal ones.

The project as a whole could probably be named the most complicated in this area, and the biggest of that kind in Poland.


Detailed planning documentation with a high degree of stakeholder buy-in.

Based on the completed work and the prepared documentation, the organisational pan-local structures were created to support the implementation of investment plans arising from strategies. The project as well as the ITI concept were also discussed at the European level as the preferred direction for coordination of local investments.