Warsaw Metropolitan Strategy


The client had to prepare a long-term development strategy for the core city and surrounding cities.

A city of ca. two million citizens had to prepare, with a support of consultants, a development strategy for a functional area. It required a lot of effort both in analytic and consultative area for complicated and huge plots. The project of such a scale and high level of complicity required not only business issues to be considered but also political ones.


In-depth analytics based on consultations and complexity project advanced in its coordination.

Within a couple of months the team implemented a project which included:

  • Diagnosis phase:
    • Initial “as is” basis for further project development – for many logical areas and full geographical coverage.
    • SWOT /TOWS.
  • Strategy formulation phase:
    • Creation of initial strategy concept.
    • Workshop leading to verification of initial initiatives, ideas.
    • Working with conclusions and initial strategy formulation.
  • Strategy project consultation – with different governmental bodies, residents, NGO’s etc.
  • Application of some agreed changes and formulation of the final strategy for a long- term development of the city and its surroundings.

A few subject matter experts were hired to support the core team in the external competencies.

The internal competencies consisted of business, financial and legal ones.


Detailed planning documentation with a high-level degree of stakeholder buy-in.

The document was created at a strategic level only, so no detailed investment plans were created. Due to the fact that more than 2 million citizens live in the area, the future strategic direction of development was important not only from the local, but also from the country perspective. It was expected that the project would serve as a basis for the future detailed planning of the regional development.