Innovation and industrial ecosystem building – Science and Industrial Park


Creation of a brand new Science and Technology Park concept to support innovative start-ups and mature high-tech investors.

The client had to improve its competitiveness both as a city and as a region and to create a base for business and cooperation with local universities. The investment site or the role of the investment were yet to be chosen, therefore some necessary analysis had to be done in co-operation with a team of consultants. The future investment was to be financially feasible, as well.


Top down attitude for commencing analysis, from strategy to operationally feasible solution leading to an identified 15ha of land investment.

The project execution scope was divided into a few stages:

  • Stage I: Pre-feasibility study included inter alia creation of the initial assumptions for the concept of the investment realisation and strategic analysis of external and internal surroundings, including SWOT analysis and marketing analysis.
  • Stage II: The concept of organisational activities and profile including: functional structure of the park, its offer, range of required investments, guidelines for industry specialisation strategy and organisational concepts for operational activity.
  • Stage III: Preliminary functional and spatial analysis, which included: Local Land-Use Planning (LL-UP), investment plans of utilities' providers together with the designation change plans, attractiveness of the possible locations and final justification of the best location for the investment.
  • Stage IV: Creation of the final functional and spatial concept, detailed description of the buildings, creation of internal communication plan, planning of the sequence of investments.
  • Stage V: Feasibility study (financial model), including: Real Estate market analysis (related to the investment), costs and benefits analysis, including three scenarios of financing.
  • Stage VI: Final guidelines for the selection of private partners for the implementation of the project, to carry out a tender for the selection of the engineer of contract, and a designer/contractor.

The internal competencies consisted of business, financial and legal ones. The external coordinated ones, were technical and architectural.


Delivering the value for the client and final beneficiaries of the investment.

Based on the completed job and the prepared documentation, the investment was executed and is still in operations. At that time it was one of the most prestigious investments leading to an increase of attractiveness of the region.