Feasibility study of museum of aviation and transportation


Renewal of an old tram station and change of its functionality into a new,  innovative and attractive concept of a museum related to aviation and transportation.

The client owned an investment plot with old, post tram station buildings. Consultants were asked to analyse the situation, and, after the approval of initial direction of the investment renewal, to prepare all necessary documentation supporting the process.


Working with caution on a new vision, financially feasible and with a planning of innovative, technological solutions to be implemented.

The scope of the project was both strategic and operational, divided into the following steps:

  • Analysis of the selected case studies for the related concepts of culture and exhibition initiatives – local, national and regional range.
  • Preliminary analysis of the technical conditions of the museum construction.
  • Creation of a long list of options for the investment usage, further evaluation based on selected criteria leading to a short list of possible functions of buildings and land usage.
  • After the selection of a recommended development scenario, an in-depth analysis defining operational details of an investment concept.
  • Theme, target groups, pricing policy, additional services analysed, leading to precise financial calculations and architectural planning of the buildings and plots.
  • KPIs for the investment stage and operational stage were also created as well as all the financing-related aspects, including e.g. financial engineering on funding sources, EU funding applications, optimal state aid schemes, tackling the tax-related issues.

For the external competencies, leading technical, architectural, and some other ones were hired and coordinated. The internal competencies consisted of business, financial and legal ones.


Making the value of the city revitalisation accessible.

As the result of the completed job and the prepared documentation, financial granting process could start. In the end, the investment was put “on-hold”, but not cancelled and will probably be executed in the nearest future.