Intelligent transportation systems – evaluation of regional investment status and plans


Assessment of the existing status of investment done in the region in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Public Transport.

Upon request of a regional voivodship authorities, serving ca. 4500 K citizens, the team of consultants had to analyse the current status and future perspectives of investments into ITS and Public Transport, to work out best recommendations for the client.


Working out a clear vision and a roadmap.

The project scope consisted of:

  • Diagnosis of current needs and basis for investments in the considered areas.
  • Analysis of good practices for public transport and ITS.
  • Key technical and financial constraints as well as the analysis of the perspective for future financing of such investments.
  • Clarification of the investment plan to be implemented in the coming years for the region.

Some technical, esp. telecommunication and transportation expertise was required for the external competencies.

The internal competencies consisted of business, financial and legal ones.


Making the required investment more efficient in terms of interoperability and costs.

As a result of the completed work and the prepared documentation, the client could amend its investment plans to provide more efficient solutions in the area of ITS and Public Transport. The project was also important from the communication point of view. Stakeholders were well informed of the development plans and strategic direction for further investment, so the safety and efficiency of transport could be improved and the negative environmental impact could be lowered.