Game and interactive art center EC1SE


The need for revitalisation of old mechanical workshop buildings as well as the development of the adjacent land as part of a bigger revitalisation program of the city centre.

The client had to implement a new concept for the use of old buildings as well as  the adjacent land potential. Non-standard attitude towards the “second life” for those assets was a must as the market already offers a lot of interesting places to visit.


Innovative and business wise solution created.

After a few months of a project execution, the scope of work was as follows:

  • Assessment of the current status of the site in technical and legal areas.
  • Creation of a long list of potential functions for the property, evaluated later on the basis of a list of criteria, jointly prepared and further approved by a client.
  • Detailed description and further evaluation of a top ranked functions mix – with the leading format of development as “the centre for computer games and comics”. Preliminary search and consulting for private partners for the investment were also carried out.
  • Further technical, financial, legal and organisational analysis for the leading concept including support in the financing-related aspects e.g. financial engineering on funding sources, EU funding application, optimal state aid schemes and tackling the tax-related issues.

For the external competencies, proven technical ones, architectural, and other experts were hired and coordinated. The internal competencies consisted of business, financial and legal ones.


Making the investment feasable, thanks to the combination of public knowledge, the team effort as well as public and private financial resources.

As a result of the completed work and the prepared documentation, the structure for investment financing was prepared. Moreover the external private partners for the co-running of the investment were also a part of the process.