New organisational structure of the state owned development agency


The client’s intention was to reorganise its structure to improve the quality of internal and external operations.

State owned agency responsible for key public investment and management of portfolio of enterprises, co-owned by the state, intended to reorganise the structure and amend key processes to improve its operations.


Create a vision for a new structure and test the solution in a secured environment.

Within ca. a half a year the team implemented  a project execution scope as follows:

  • Review of an existing organisational structure with diagnosis of its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Identification of key areas and further processes for the client’s operations.
  • Verification of hypothesis by means of an in-depth interview and a focus meeting.
  • Support in implementation of the organisational solutions, new charts, updated processes as well as ideas for further design of the management system, supporting the achievement of strategic goals.
  • Recommendation for further development of the organisation in view of its forecasted future role.

The internal competencies consisted of business competencies only.


Improved organisational scheme for goals achievement.

As a result of the completed work and the prepared documentation, a new organisational structure was presented. For the key service related processes, some changes were implemented, not only drafted as an idea. The organisation is better positioned and prepared for the possible change of its role in the system of supporting the development of country economy as well as individual enterprises with the state co-ownership.