Complex support for the government and the city in world class fair – EXPO


Support for the 700 K citizens’ city and government of Poland in its efforts to win the bid to host the Expo International 2022/2023 – Feasibility Study, Marketing Strategy and Application.

The theme for the process was a comprehensive revitalisation of urban areas. During cooperation between the city and the central government, all aspects of a process of in-depth preparation were analysed. On advisory side, additional to business advisors, marketing, architectural and transportation experts had to be coordinated on a timely manner, as the multi-dimensional nature of work was required.


Working out a clear vision and a roadmap as well as support for the bidding process of an international nature.

Within ca. a year and a half the team implemented the following scope of work:

  • Infrastructural, spatial, communication, legal, organisational, financial, fiscal, social-economic and information analyses.
  • Communication, promotional strategic support for the process.
  • Other consultations with local and international bodies were also a part of the project.

The project as the whole was evaluated as the second best during an international bidding process, losing just a few country votes to No 1. Documentation was highly rated on both, local and central level.


Making the city more recognizable on the international level.

As a result of the completed work and the prepared documentation, the city showed its potential on the international level. It also proved that in co-operation with trusted consultants the city can prepare high quality documentation for investments leading to further development of the city itself as well as the region.