Pre-urban development analysis for the city center – Masterplan


100 ha size city centre urban development project – creation of a new concept and alignment with existing conditions.

The city authorities of the third biggest city in the country, called for a support in creation of a long-term plan for the city centre development, called “Masterplan”. It required support in creation and coordination of an advisory process leading to a modern, green, well communicated and functional area. The smart city concept creation was  complicated due to the fact that a few dozen of different infrastructure type of projects were on different stages of execution. Portfolio management tools were also to be created.


Working out detailed roadmap and tools to support portfolio management process.

The team of consultants worked out the following scope of the project:

  • Diagnosis of the current state of investment plans of the city, evaluation of its progress, availability of resources for execution of the program etc.
  • Formulation of the vision for the new centre of the city as a result of an in-depth analysis of different factors, opinions of stakeholders etc.
  • Defining of the urban development programme as a whole with the development of projects sequences / initiatives / tasks, the implementation of which led to the accomplishment of the defined objectives.
  • Development of the monitoring and evaluation system incl. KPIs database creation as well as a budget creation.
  • Risks and scenario analyses, incl. identification of key projects of the programme as well as the possibility of alterations and different scenarios developedment.
  • Other analyses incl. communication plan as well as identification of new investments necessary for implementation of the program.

For the external competencies, leading technical, architectural, and some other ones were hired and coordinated.


Making the portfolio of investment projects more accurate and possible to implement.

As the result of the completed work and the prepared documentation, the city gained the knowledge of project portfolio in the process of execution, tools that support monitoring and better execution of the investments as well as identified gaps for the future vision of the city centre.