About us

advisors for public and business sector

C.point forms a unique blend of expertise coming from the communication and consultancy fields. Our goal is to build trusted and long-term cooperation with our clients.

Our strategic approach helps to organise and simplify all kinds of transformation processes by indicating solutions, which ensure high quality products and results. By analysing and processing key data we are able to identify and eliminate weak points, which generate unnecessary costs and limit potential development. Cooperation with specialised and reliable partners allows us to lead most demanding and complex projects, requiring specialists, like engineers and architects, as well as the financial side of operations planning. We believe in positive and impactful changes thanks to a responsible and careful approach to business.



We believe that everything around us is about change, about new beginnings, transformation, reshaping and building a new reality. Change is always a challenging process and it needs to be supported by those who are able to advise, encourage and assist.


We are trusted and responsible advisors with a customised approach to projects. Working closely with our clients, we act as honest partners, aiming at long-term relationships. We aim for unique projects, concentrating on developing quality and customised solutions. We deliver value for our clients focusing on real requirements & needs. Our way of work ensures smooth cooperation and knowledge transfer. We treat each project individually and take responsibility for what we promise.


We offer consulting and communication services concentrated on creating the real, meaningful change, bringing the new quality for the businesses, brands & communities and environment. We rely on dependable solutions and many years of experience.


Our consulting and communication services are addressed to public and private sectors. We aim for those who understand the need for a strategic approach and who are ready to change.


We operate on the European market and beyond. We have the experience of  working for a number of international clients, including coordination and leading of projects for many markets across the globe.

Key people

We form a unique blend of expertise coming from the communication and consultancy fields.


Radosław Kubaś

Managing Partner

Radosław has 15 years of experience in consulting. As part of his work for international consulting companies he has completed a total of 130 consulting projects for both private and public clients in the areas of strategy, restructuring, process optimization and investment planning. In recent years Radosław served as a Director and then Partner and Member of the Board in the consulting department of Deloitte. He implemented several dozen projects strictly related to the preparation of pre-investment documentation.