we work for number of industries offering a wide range of customised solutions

What we offer

We work for a number of industries offering a wide range of customised solutions.

Our knowledge and skills are based on over 250 projects delivered for public and private sector entities in the last 20 years. We deliver services on the European market and beyond. Our experience allows us to work confidently for large international clients, including coordination and leading of projects for many markets across the globe.


Strategy & Innovation support

Clients, like some private entities, communes, cities, or authorities of functional areas, who have complex requirements, need a single, fundamental document, a strategy that will outline the ultimate vision of their development, a road map for reaching the desired objectives.

Well-structured strategies provide the basis for key developments and investment decisions that frequently involve very large financial outlays:  public, private or a combination of both.
A strategy may also be used as an element enhancing credibility, predictability and professionalism of a private or public body e.g. in the eyes of an investor or a business partner. Strategies may vary in terms of their character and thematic wideness. We design general development strategies, thematic strategies of different kinds as the result of which operational planning may be done, as well as other implementations. We also support our clients in building the innovation support system, concepts of clusters, science and technology transfer environment, industrial parks and incubators. The outcome of the strategy and innovation support we provide is a single, underlying document: the one that is driven by the client’s target vision and, at the same time, is multi-dimensional, well consulted, feasible and easy to be implemented. We do so, as we believe that the strategy must strongly tie to the operational planning. If required, we also support strategies with a promotional plan i.e. identification of target groups, analysis of touch points, communiques as well as supportive actions.

Internal communication

Living in constant change requires flexibility in a number of internal processes management. Many businesses continue to manage their brands and internal structures as a number of separated silos. Such approach may lead to the lack of understanding of business goals, mis-communication and, as a result lack of mutual support leading to creation of inefficiencies as well as growing barriers and costs of increased employees’ turnover.

We support organisations in the process of change, including internal structures development, communication procedures alignment and quality communication skills improvement.

We provide:

  • Internal structures revision, optimisation and planning
  • Internal communication strategy audits/revision, building, monitoring & delivery support
  • Employer branding advisory
  • Communication & presentation skills trainings

Urban development & Investment support

The issue of urban development and the need for land regeneration affect most of the cities. Advisory in this area should not only lead to stimulating the degraded parts of the city, former factories, train stations, retail centres and to giving them “the second life”, but also should improve the broadly understood quality of people’s life in general.

Projects should connect technical, environmental, RE aspects with socio-economic aspects of life, demographic changes and other aspects.

Another important area is attracting new, incoming investments, development of the existing ones and supporting internationalisation.  It is connected with constantly growing global and regional competition between public sector bodies and increasingly demanding business.

How to properly prepare an investment sites to unlock their hidden potential? Is our transportation system ready and effective enough to cover the needs of a city? Are we prepared to organise a huge, globally recognised trade exhibition? What services and funding should be proposed to investors? These are all sample clients’ questions that we can help to answer.

While working on these type of projects we concentrate on both, the public side, and private entities. The scope and scale of projects may differ in times, but in general, we work with hard infrastructure nad RE investments, but also with soft attributes important for investors.

Organisation & Transformation

Every organisation, no matter if public or private, to some extent faces dysfunctionalities in its operation. They may occur in a workflow or the ineffective use of resources; in processes and procedures and other issues  related to structures and systems.

Dysfunctionalities influence the ability of an organization to reach its business objectives. The role of consultants is to support the process of re-design, transforming the organisation to be better shaped to act in a competitive environment. Setting up a PMO, creating a step-by-step methodology and allocating advisory resources is a starting point of co-operation.

Our way of work includes: the design of the process phase, the diagnosis of the organisational dysfunctionalities and the final design of the whole organisation (or its part: business or process) architected in such a way as to better serve its goals.

As an outcome, our clients can observe improvements in the following areas:

  • Better customer service
  • Boost in profitability
  • Reduced operating costs e.g. in technology, logistics, asset management etc.
  • Better knowledge management
  • Better HR i.e. lower rotation, cheaper recruitment

Sustainability management

In today’s world cities, regions and corporations are facing the issue of growing needs on the one hand and keeping the environmental impact neutral, on the other. We understand this dilemma and offer our experience drawn from sustainable cities consulting projects. We want to reach out to corporate companies as well.

Nowadays, acceleration to change the world into the one having less negative effect on the environment is a key challenge. Transition to a low-carbon economy, lower consumption, with less resources available is difficult as the needs for growth still remain crucial for a significant portion of population. Sustainable development must create value, regardless of the client type. Proper use of technological changes and social behaviour trends should strengthen this process.

What we try to adopt is an honest, reliable, step-by-step approach to change the way we live. To this end we use our multi-sectoral experience and solutions: beginning with public sector and infrastructure, water/sewage and energy through strategy and investment planning, to operations.

However, we mainly concentrate on specific types of clients:

  • Cities and regions – trying to achieve sustainable development goals
  • Companies – trying to assess the impact of their actions on environment as well as wanting to prepare communication support for these activities. We assist them in creating a list of initiatives and going through the process of planning and implementation as well as communication of those honest actions that are truly impactful.

Good Governance & PPP

Ineffective project management system that does not allow full leveraging of existing potential and resources, poor coordination which decreases the effectiveness of one’s activities, are but a couple of examples of internal barriers that public sector and private entities can face. In practical terms, good governance relates potentially to all aspects of business life, regardless of a sector, a project or a portfolio of projects taken into consideration.

Advisors’ support may result in quick wins, like shorter implementation time, higher security of managed projects, less operational costs etc. Massive investments into roads, railways, ports, water and sewage, hospitals etc. still do not match the level of expectations. In many cases return on investment for private investors is lower than anticipated. It means that consensus on sharing investments and risks, as well as profits between public and private bodies is highly appreciated. This can also relate to knowledge sharing, data and information access, and in general, sharing the responsibility for the changing world.  There are still huge investments done without financial sharing between the public and the private sector, and with no operational links between these two sides while working on the projects.

We diagnose the issue, identify respective goals, assess the existing resources and prepare project management plan. Practically, there is no analysis without a risk and mitigation plan, a list of KPIs and a monitoring system to evaluate the outcome.

Reputation management

Reputation is a fundamental quality of every organisation. It influences the perception of the company and its brands by the existing and potential stakeholders; it creates belief, expectations and opinions which are shared with others.

Each entity, organisation, company and brand needs to build and maintain an engaging and productive dialogue with diversified audiences, both in-house and in the outside world, paying (equal) attention to groups like: employees, consumers, local communities, partners, governmental representatives or other specific interest groups. It is about staying up to date with market developments, following or even creating new trends, embracing opportunities while at the same time, anticipating reputation risks. All of it requires strategic approach and thoughtful planning. We offer:

  • Communication strategy audits/revision, building, monitoring & delivery support
  • Reputation risks mitigation and management
  • Crisis communication procedures building & crisis communication advisory
  • Merges, acquisitions – optimisation of the communication processes
  • Local communities’ communication advisory
  • Corporate responsibility planning support

Smart city & Mobility

Demographic trends and economic growth indicate that an increasing part of population will live in cities in the near future. Implementing smart city solutions aim at improving the populations’ living standards. Technology developments make smart city solutions more open to people, more affordable and applicable even in smaller cities via public and private sector  working together.

Solutions implemented in one city or sector are to be more and more applicable in other places.

While working in this area, we add a technological layer of RE assets’ revitalisation and rehabilitation on top of a hard infrastructure advisory, wherever suitable. In particular, we advise on smart city & mobility implementation; we assess the maturity of existing solutions and their interoperability and we support the process of new implementations. Huge changes to be successfully implemented, as e.g. for public and private transport, are one of the biggest organisational, financial and environmental challenges for all stakeholders. We support this process as advisors on a public sector side.

We advise  private sector (technology firms, RE developers, transportation operators etc) on reaching the public sector clients with the use of market screening, feasibilities, or sometimes by matching investment needs with public financing. We understand procedures, needs and constraints of the public sector environment.


Public services

Our experience covers running of over 130 complex public sector projects. We support government authorities, regional public institutions, municipalities and other administrative bodies in their core areas of interests, aiming to provide a wide range of services and improve people’s life. Nowadays, governments face an increasing number of challenges with implications for the future of communities across the globe.

Among others they are related to the issues of sustainable development, climate changes, migrations, use of technology and automation in public service delivery, redevelopment and revitalisation trends. Aging societies, public safety and education are also key aspects for nowadays and the future. To be more accessible and understandable, earning public trust and credibility, we ensure that best practices and proven solutions in project management are applied. In spite of often formalized process of cooperation, especially with our public sector clients, we always develop customised solutions to address individual needs and requirements for wide variety of services starting from strategy creation to operational implementations.

Energy & Environment

Society, with steadily increasing awareness, demands energy that is secure, sustainable and affordable. The pressure caused by climate changes and environmental directives leads to a continuous growing requirements and restrictions for the energy sector. It leads to continues need for innovation, status quo redefinition and pushing current performance boundaries.

Our team provides the effective counsel to answer the need to successfully operate in an environment, which demands transparency and high level of accountability. We help to build comprehensive and distinctive strategies, business model revisions and evolution, efficient operations, communication with variety of stakeholders, including regulators, local communities, customers and investors.

Working closely with our clients, we support execution of jointly developed strategies and operations improvement, ensuring ongoing advice and proper communication.

Consumer goods & Retail

We have over 20-year track record of supporting clients in development and execution of strategies with visible and sustained impact. The retail and consumer goods world lives under theis experiencing a constant pressure of changing trends, consumers moods, or digital and social channels development.

Our focus is on being future-ready and innovative in order to ensure that companies and brands are acting and communicating in ways that accelerate their performance. We deliver consulting and communication services in the following areas: supporting sales growth and profitability, market entry strategy and due diligence, product and service innovation, optimisation of operations, corporate, internal and crisis communication as well as investment and consolidation processes. We represent collaborative, hand-on approach, working at multiple levels within our clients’ organisations.

Construction & Real Estate

We support development companies, property owners, real estate investors and those, who treat real estate both as their core business or additional to other business. Our experience is focused on both public and private sector clients. We support smaller, individual investments, as well as the change of greater areas.

Our key experience comes from a direct support of real estates, supported directly resulting from public and private sector cooperation i.e. industrial properties, redeveloped investments, revitalizations, hospitality & leisure projects. Our expertise consists of a broad range of services and solutions, which help to streamline operations, identify and mitigate risks, ensure better performance and increase return on investment. We help to develop an open and supportive dialogue with all kinds of stakeholders, like local governments and communities, be it current or potential customers.  The spectrum of our work covers such areas as: analysis of potential investment targets, financial and technical  due diligence, transaction support, feasibility analyses, promotional strategies development, overall investment planning and execution support.

Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment, as the sectors with a particularly direct-to consumers access, face intensive and disruptive changes related to booming technology innovations and new communication ways development. We help our clients to capitalise on this disruption, based on our broad experience gained during cooperation with diversified media and entertainment companies, press, and  sport industry.

Our range of services covers the development of value growth strategies including corporate, product and marketing strategies, reshaping of the current offering and organisational effectiveness improvement. We provide cross sectoral know-how, functional expertise and ability to deliver impactful, meaningful and sustainable value for our clients and their stakeholders.


Nowadays, manufacturing companies are facing unique business and communications challenges. There is a growing pressure on sustainability, operational efficiency while keeping costs down. Growing regulators’ scrutiny, investors’ expectations and increasingly demanding workforces require professional and individual approach.

We support manufacturing companies in their efforts to enjoy profitable and sustainable growth. Working closely with our clients, we help to develop new growth strategies, manufacturing and operational optimisation, general performance improvement and investment plans, as well as the assistance in mergers and acquisitions. We play an active role in the processes of building communication strategies, addressing diversified target audiences across various environments. Based on a cross-sector experience, we bring inspiration and ideas, which make clients’ businesses thrive.

Utilities & Infrastructure

Both areas are impacted by a number of challenges arising from ongoing pressure to improve reliability, financial effectiveness of investments and running operations, but most of all – providing environmentally friendly solutions. Other key aspects to be understood, like aging infrastructure, regulations, customer churn and technological disruption, are also the basis for change.

We help in dealing with project planning and management of the process of change, creation of new strategies, as well as new investment plans, reliability and reputation management including issue and crisis management. Our work spans across the spectrum of operational challenges, like corporate structures, managing supplier viability, customer service optimisation. We bring an in-depth understanding of consulting service that may be applied to the industry dynamics, while working closely with our client to meet their specific needs.

Transportation & Travel

We live in the reality of fast changes and increasing demands, people expect fast deliveries as well as smooth and high standard travel conditions. It is connected with constant regulation shifts, new technologies development and dynamic economic changes. Our industry experience includes consulting and communication advisory assistance for logistics and postal companies, railways…

and bus services as well as technology companies offering solutions which improve the safety, efficiency and connectivity of commercial vehicles in the sector.
Advisory for intelligent transportation systems operators were also a part of our job. We worked for travel and leisure companies, including hotels, tourism authorities, ministry for the sector etc. Having acquired advanced industry knowledge, we advise and work with our clients on strategy creation, due diligence, sustainable development planning, high level technology transformation mapping, operation management and organisational effectiveness, among others. We support reputation and internal communication planning as well as issue and crisis communication.

Technology & Innovation

Innovation and breaking new grounds is the core of technology businesses. On the one hand there is a constant pressure of competitors’ inventions, start-ups’ revolutionary ideas as well as an on-going demand for self-challenging increased by investors’ expectations. Markets and regulatory reality do not match bold, new concepts of creating future societies.

On the other hand there are fears related to automation, AI, security and general future of the societal development. All these issues make technology one of the most demanding sectors, facing most challenging development issues. We have gathered over 15 years of experience in communication for technology companies dedicated to enterprise computing, software, security, consumer electronics and broad range of IT services. We also offer consulting in this field. Our services include business and communication strategy development and revisions, corporate processes improvement, investments, merge and acquisition support, issue management and crisis communication. In our view, smart city projects are the ones to provide manifold opportunities for cooperation.