International real estate company – market launch


The client decided to officially launch its brand at Polish RE market with a new, unknown locally brand aiming to position itself among top office building developers.


The unknown locally brand needed an in-depth market analysis, communication strategy building as well as communication support on the already started construction projects.



Comprehensive communication strategy building, including brand positioning and construction projects communication plans.


Within a few months the team implemented the following scope of work:

  • Extensive review of the local RE market and its main players’ communication strategies.
  • Review of an existing organisational structure with diagnosis of its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Review of the brand identity and new brand positioning development.
  • Analysis of key audiences and important stakeholders.
  • Constructing main messages as well as planning a dedicated communication approach of the identified target groups.
  • Existing construction projects communication planning.
  • Creation of operational communication plan.
  • Issue and pre-crisis communication management planning.

Support in strategy implementation.



Successful communication company launch.


As a result of the completed work, the comprehensive strategy including the operational part as well and individual communication plans for existing construction projects were developed and implemented. It resulted in a positive reception of the brand among identified target groups and created the desired positioning on the market.