Smart City ecosystem building – Smart City_HD


The need to create a new plan for smart city ecosystem business cases implementation with a support of cloud based solutions, SaaS and PaaS solutions.

Public sector and private clients approaching smart/digital solutions face a lot of challenges e.g.: identifying the maturity of smart city systems and its readiness to implement new solutions, to begin with, through identifying use cases for implementation, during the process of implementation, on PMO side as well as during the communication process between them.  The idea of the project was to reach a conclusion on setting the concept for a joint, innovative smart city/digital offering, ready to be implemented for both public and private side.


Comprehensive analysis planned top – down from business case, due diligence to pilot phase for a chosen short list of cases for smart city/digital solutions.

Within nearly a year of a cooperation with a leading, global IT firm, the team performed analysis divided into phases and tasks:

  1. Phase 1 – Define the Product
    • In dept desk research (smart city trends, driving forces, services and solutions implemented etc.).
    • Drafting the business model of a platform, its architecture and initial selection of hardware & software.
    • Drafting an initial “go to market” strategy for selected use cases.
  2. Phase 2 – Fine tune the Products
    • Deciding on final IT architecture, hardware & software.
    • Conducting analysis: technical and legal FS, clients’ budget analysis and investment plans, analysis of market failures, competitors’ offerings and strategies.
    • Finalising “go to market” strategy.
  3. Phase 3 – Verify the design & market potential of the Product (Planned – not performed)
    • Designing the pilot use cases and the platform.
    • Implementing the design, conduct tests.
    • Commission of the project, implemention, monitoring the results.

All experts were provided by a business consulting wing and IT wing as a joint effort of the team that was set up to perform the analysis.


Very detailed analysis on the use cases plus “go to market” strategy that is crucial for a well thought implementation process.

Based on the completed work and the prepared documentation, a long list of use cases was created: civic participation, energy, security, lighting, building, water and waste management, mobility and parking, urban planning etc.  The list was evaluated, prioritised and a few use cases were chosen to be implemented. Financial sources for project management, key regulations and investment plans of different bodies were identified to support the future implementations.