Area revitalisation of the historical city centre


The need for intensive development activities in the area of urban change & revitalisation implemented throughout the city.

As a 700 k citizens city, the client had to implement a few dozen of multitype projects, both individual regeneration focused investments as well as more extensive urban revitalization initiatives including: buildings, parks, squares, parking lots and transportation projects.


Working out a clear vision and a roadmap.

In the project that lasted ca. a year, the team implemented the following scope of work:

  • Comprehensive urban planning for all the areas of the four priority programmes.
  • The TO BE functional structure, transportation solutions, smart city & quality of life initiatives, etc.
  • Organisational approach to implementation, investment scheduling, interdependencies Innovation& transition period planning.
  • All the financing-related aspects, including e.g. financial engineering on funding sources, EU funding applications, optimal state aid schemes, tackling the tax-related issues.
  • Ensuring intensive public participation, high degree of stakeholder buy-in and all the required formal approvals.
  • Preparation of additional detailed documentation for 36 selected individual investments related to those areas (including buildings, roads, parks etc.).

For the external competencies, leading technical, architectural, and some other ones were hired and coordinated.
The internal competencies consisted of business, financial and legal ones.
The project as a whole could probably be named the biggest Poland during the last few years.


Making the value of a city revitalisation accessible.

Based on the completed job, the prepared documentation and the financial value of ca. half a billion PLN of grants delivered, hundreds of construction works could be started. Mix of functions available in revitalised areas have given a chance for better living to citizens and a place for modern public and private functions.